How to clean your dog’s paws from mud and bacterias

Our furry friend loves to run, hang out and…. mud! In this post we are going to show you the solution to clean your dog’s paws.

Yes,there’a a kind of natural attraction for dogs to mud and dirt. They love to jump in puddles when it rains

Well, here’s the problem:  Even if they don’t want to, walking out your dog attracts dirt, muds and many bacterias. This is an issue that might bring complications in the long run

But in the short run? you will simply find mud footprints all over your house (See picture below just to give you an idea lol)

So, how can you wash out your dog’s paws in seconds and safely?

How to clean up your dog paws: the old way

So many dog parents use to wash out paws with a bowl and warm water. The problem is that most of the times water will spill out and all over. Also, your friend won’t stay still and the entire operation will be.. well, a mission:impossible.

The other common way to deal with the problem is to use wet wipes. Wet wipes might be good but

1- You are going to use a LOT of them for each paw

2- It is NOT sustainable for the ecosystem.

Consider you are waling out your dog an average of 2 times per day. That mean using at least 4 wipes each time. 8 wipes per day and around 60 a week!

That’s way too much for something you can solve with a cleaner and FASTER way

How to clean your dog paws: the new way

Introducing MAGIC TUBBY  

Imagine a simple but yet effective device that allows you to washout your dog’s paws in seconds and without wasting time and money in endless wipes.

This is what MAGIC TUBBY does.

At first it might look like a weird thing..

Well let me tell you that this device literally (as a dog parent) saved my life. Now I bring it with me every single time I go out for a walk. No matter if it’s sunny or rainy. There’s always  some dirt “down there”that needs to be cleaned.

But how does it work? Simple

It is made 100% with washable silicone rubber brushes. These brushes will mechanically and softly wash out paws. Just fill it with warm water (and some detergent or disinfectant if you like) and twist the cup a couple of time to get the best results. Just like the video here

Same thing for back paws 🙂

MAGIC TUBBY: how it works

This “genius” idea is the perfect cheap solution for you if you are a dog parent. The silicon rubbers just works as an automatic car washer and they remove dirt and mud even between nails.

You can find different reviews of this product HERE and since you are a reader of Love4MyDog we want to offer you an exclusive discount.

If you purchase now a MAGIC TUBBY you can use the promo code “MAGIC TUBBY” at checkout. You will get immediately a 20% off.

As dog lovers we could’t write this article with our authentic impression about this product.

“OF COURSE!” You might thing “YOU ARE PROMOTING IT!”

Well, yes. We are promoting this product on our website but remember that, as dog lovers, we would not EVER recommend a product we don’t believe in.

We have this product and that’s why we decided partner with the manufacturer and deliver it to our reader (with a discount)

So, again, if you are looking for the definitive solution to clean your dog paws, Magic Tubby is just the best solution. Don’t shop around and diffidate from all the similar products on the market.




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