Do you know how much humans really love dogs?

Do you know how much you really love dogs?

Searching around the web we have found out how humans really love dogs. Most of the time people say they really care about dogs is because they have one.

This is a good start,but,  why should we just stop there? Why do we say to love these wonderful animals when in reality we just care about the one we own? To be clear, when you get a dog you give him a lot of care,love and attention, and  what happens when you see videos and public pictures about dogs on social networks? You immediately give a like or share this media.

But what if I tell you that all this doesn’t mean you really love dogs? What if I tell you people don’t have the same reaction when those content are outside social networks ?

To give you some examples we’ve  chosen some causes from Indiegogo  where you can clearly see that the affection we show it’s not equal to the affection we actually give:

1.  Your Dog Can Live FOREVER

Half dogs in America are overweight. They have the 20% chance to die before than their fit peers. Varsity Pets wants to stop canine obesity epidemic.

They are creating a mobile application that will help you to save your best friend and a tell-all book that shows you the causes and give you solutions to the obesity.

The campaign started May 25th and will stop on July 21st 2014 . This is an awesome idea to help but, sadly at the moment they have reached just  40% of the total they need.


2. From Street Dog to Police Dog

According to the ASPCA website 945,000 dogs are euthanized annually because they have no one to adopt them. Thousand of dogs die every day in shelters or on the streets while police departments need dogs to protect our schools and families from the risk of narcotics and explosives.

Universal K9 is a Texas-based researcher of explosives, narcotics and rescue dog training provider. They want to help and provide funding for police departments, implement volunteer K9 detection programs for schools, and, doing so,  save dogs from an unnecessary death. How? By providing funding for a variety of equipment (vehicle cages, warning decals, dog food, etc.), as well as dog training and even handler training required. In this way our dear friends can go from being street dogs to police dog.

They need around $300,000 but unfortunately the campaign will stop on August 5th and they just reached the 2% of the amount they need.


3.  Dog Heaven

Territorio de Zaguates is a unique dogs farm. They need to urgently meet a Government deadline to build a water treatment plant.

The owners  first started out to create a place where old dogs could retire and live out the rest of their days.  However, dogs of all ages started to arrive and they ended up sacrificing crop and cattle in their farm to eventually become home to almost a thousand dogs.

They are trying to raise money to build the water treatment plant and cover bank fees.  Any money beyond that would be invested in the project.

Until now they just raised $10 of the $25,000 Goal they have. It means 0% from what they need and the campaign will stop on July 18 .


These are just a few examples, I can show you thousand more to demonstrate that just few people really love dogs. People in the campaigns above are really trying to bring something useful to help dogs and the lack of support from other people is the evidence that most of us love dogs in a superficial way.

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